BODY CLAMP is a performance proposal by New York based artists John Furer, Isaac Pool, and Jessica Posner. BODY CLAMP is a practice of fully contingent sculpture within an economy of means. Treading the border of “butch” and baroque, its participants build allegiances with materials through improvisational systems of measurement and security. In short, we make table/platforms using only our bodies as clamps. It’s kind of dangerous.   BODY CLAMP was born out of the Question for Revolution and Universal Brotherhood exhibition at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center in the Fall of 2012. Our first project was the deconstruction of a table depicted in Jose Clemente Orozco’s Call for Revolution and Universal Brotherhood mural at The New School. In Jan of 2013, BODY CLAMP travelled to Katz’s Deli in Santa Monica, CA for a ten day, on-site project in which we designed, built, and performed on and with two triangular table/platforms. Performances included a critical brunch and SITE (Excerpt), performed by Pool and Posner.